The Muster Roll Project

The Valley Forge Muster Roll, a project of the Valley Forge Park Alliance, is dedicated to those who were at winter quarters from December 19, 1777 to June 19, 1778. The Continental Army used monthly muster rolls to track the army’s strength. Each roll contains names, ranks, dates of enlistment, and other notes on soldiers’ assignments, activities, or conditions.

New entries are welcomed based on providing the following kinds of primary documentation. You may also contact us to provide additional information about individuals that are currently listed on the Valley Forge Muster Roll.

Suggested documentation for new additions to the Valley Forge Muster Roll:

  • Payroll stub
  • Application for a Pension
  • Discharge papers
  • Original Muster Roll records

For additional information in authenticating your ancestry, please visit

Please send documentation to or mail to:

Valley Forge Park Alliance
Attention Muster Roll
PO Box 117
Valley Forge, PA 19481

Muster Roll Merchandise: To commemorate your distinguished ancestry, you can order an official Valley Forge Muster Roll Certificate as well as other Encampment-related products. To Purchase: Search the Muster Roll for your ancestor and click Personalized Products Available for Purchase.

Muster Roll Certificate

Muster Roll Certificates are $30 each, which includes a $20 contribution to support the Muster Roll Project, a fully volunteer effort of the Valley Forge Park Alliance. Net contributions assist the Alliance’s efforts in helping Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Volunteers Needed: The Alliance is seeking volunteers in the Philadelphia/Valley Forge area to help add more information about individual soldiers to the Muster Roll. If you enjoy history and genealogy, we invite you to join us in researching and updating the Muster Roll.

Support the Muster Roll: This project, a fully volunteer operation, needs your support so that all of the soldiers that encamped at Valley Forge will be remembered well into our shared future. We welcome your support to maintain the Muster Roll as a free service so that everyone can discover or add to the legacy of the brave Americans at Valley Forge. Add your name to the Honorary Muster Roll when you make a tax-deductible contribution of $20 or more. Thank you for your generosity.

Yours in Service to our Shared Heritage,
The Valley Forge Park Alliance

Painting courtesy of Don Troiani,

Detail from General George Washington during the Philadelphia Campaign 1777 by Don Troiani