3rd Light Dragoon Regiment

Dragoons | 3rd Light Dragoon Regiment


Organized Spring of 1777 at Morristown NJ, 3 Troops from Virginia, 2 Troops from Maryland, 1 Troop at-large.

Entered Valley Forge with 127 assigned and 127 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge the same month.

Previous engagements: Defense of Philadelphia

Field Officers

  • Colonel George Baylor
  • Lt. Colonel Otmay Bird
  • Major Alexander Clough

Company Commanders

  • Captain Jones Cadwallader
  • Captain Churchill Jones
  • Captain George Lewis
  • Captain Carter Page
  • Captain Robert Smith
  • Captain John Swan

Regimental Staff

  • Adjutant Robert Morrow
  • Paymaster Edward Conner
  • Surgeon George Evans
  • Surgeon’s Mate Thomas Evans