1st Maryland Regiment

Stirling’s Division | 1st Maryland Brigade | 1st Maryland Regiment


Organized Spring 1776 at Baltimore and Annapolis from northern and western Maryland.

Entered Valley Forge in May 1778 with 254 assigned and 185 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge with 305 assigned 203 fit for duty.

Previous engagements: New York City, Northern New Jersey, Trenton, Princeton, New Jersey 1777, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth.

Field Officers

  • Colonel John H. Stone
  • Lt. Colonel Uriah Forrest
  • Major Levin Winder

Company Commanders

  • Captain Nathaniel Ewing
  • 1st Lieutenant James Fernand
  • Captain Henry Gaither
  • Captain James Peale
  • 1st Lieutenant Charles Smith
  • Captain Levin Winder
  • Captain Alexander Roxbu

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster Edmund Cox
  • Paymaster Charles Richmond
  • Surgeon Michael Wallace
  • Surgeon’s Mate Thomas H Howard
  • Surgeon’s Mate Walter Warfield
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Mitchel Robinson
  • Sergeant Major William Noyes
  • Fife Major Daniel Broderick