Provisional Rifle Corps (Morgan’s)


Organized in June 1777, to consist of several provisional rifle companies.

Detached to Gates’ Northern Army and participated in the battles of Saratoga.

Returned to Washington’s Main Army in November 1777.

Disbanded in November 1779.

Field Officers

  • Colonel Daniel Morgan

Company Commanders

  • Captain Hawkins Boon
  • Captain William Henderson
  • Captain James Knox
  • Captain James Parr
  • Captain Thomas Posey
  • Captain A.L. Smith
  • Captain Van Swearingen
  • Captain Benjamin Taliaferro
  • Captain Thomas Willis

Regimental Staff

  • Sergeant Major/Adjutant John Coleman
  • Quartermaster Henry Henly
  • Surgeon Charles McCarter
  • Paymaster Benjamin Ashby