2nd Virginia State Regiment

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Entered Valley Forge May 1778 with 402 men assigned, 396 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge with 401 men assigned 299 fit for duty.

The 2nd Virginia State Regiment replaced the 13th Virginia Regiment.

Field Officers

  • Colonel Gregory Smith
  • Lt. Colonel Charles Dabney
  • Lt. Colonel William Brent
  • Major John Lee

Company Commanders

  • Captain Peter Bernard
  • Captain John Lewis
  • Captain Harry Dudley
  • Captain Henry Garnett
  • Captain Thomas Bressic
  • Captain James Quarles
  • Captain Benjamin Spiller
  • Captain Phil Taliaferro

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster Thomas Collie
  • Adjutant Samuel Carey
  • Surgeon’s Mate Lodowick Brodie
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas Glover
  • Sergeant Major Thomas Gardner
  • Drum Major James Taylor
  • Fife Major Simon Harrison