1st Massachusetts Regiment

de Kalb’s Division | Glover’s Brigade | 1st Massachusetts Regiment


Organized in 1775 at Cambridge from Berkshire, Hampshire, Suffolk, Middlesex, Worchester and York counties and Litchfield, county in Connecticut.

Entered Valley Forge with 436 men assigned 281 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge with 386 assigned and 232 fit for duty.

Previous engagements: Siege of Boston, Defense of Canada, Lake Champlain, Trenton-Princeton, Saratoga, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth.

Field Officers

  • Colonel Joseph Vose
  • Lt. Colonel Elijah Vose
  • Major Thomas Cogswell

Company Commanders

  • Captain Moses Ashley
  • Captain Nathaniel Cushing
  • Captain Robert Davis
  • Captain Abraham Hunt
  • Captain Jeremiah Miller
  • Captain George Smith
  • Captain Orringh Stoddard
  • Captain Abraham Tuckerman

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster James Webb
  • Quartermaster Azariah Egelston
  • Adjutant Stephen Pearl
  • Adjutant Archales Lenis
  • Paymaster Bill Vose
  • Surgeon John Crain
  • Surgeon’s Mate Joseph Fisk
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Ashley Goodrich
  • Sergeant Major Elisa Gilbert
  • Drum Major John Davis
  • Drum Major Richard Ryan
  • Fife Major John Richards