12th Pennsylvania Regiment

Mifflin’s Division | 3rd Pennsylvania Brigade | 12th Pennsylvania Regiment


Organized September-December at Sunbury from Northampton, Northumberland, Berks, and Cumberland Counties.

Entered Valley Forge with 237 men assigned and 133 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge with 210 assigned and 108 fit for duty.

Previous Engagements: Northern New Jersey, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth

Field Officers

  • Colonel William Cooke
  • Lt. Colonel Neigal Gray

Company Commanders

  • Captain John Reily
  • Captain Nicholas Miller
  • Captain Hawkins Boone
  • Captain John Brady
  • Captain Stephen Chambers
  • Captain Henry Mckinley
  • Captain Alexander Patterson
  • Captain Hannaiah Lincoln

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster Milton Atkinson
  • Paymaster Thomas Dungan
  • Surgeon Andrew Ledic
  • Surgeon’s Mate Aaron Woodruff