13th Pennsylvania Regiment

Stirling’s Division | Woodford’s Brigade | 13th Pennsylvania Regiment


Organized March-May 1776 at Marcus Hook from Philadelphia City, Bucks, Bedford, York, Northampton, Northumberland, Berks, Cumberland and Westmoreland Counties.

Entered Valley Forge with 601 men assigned and 352 fit for duty.

Was absorbed by the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment before leaving Valley Forge.

Previous Engagements: New York City, Northern New Jersey, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth

Field Officers

  • Colonel Walter Stewart
  • Lt. Colonel Lewis Farmer
  • Major John Murray
  • Major Francis Murray

Company Commanders

  • Captain Patrick Anderson
  • Captain James Carnaghan
  • Captain John Robb
  • Captain Matthew Scott
  • Captain James F. Moore
  • Captain John Marshall
  • Captain John Nice
  • Captain John Spear
  • Captain John Clark
  • Captain Robert Gray

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster Andrew Lythe
  • Surgeon Joseph Browne