1st Connecticut Regiment

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Organized 4 January 1777 at Norwich from New London, Windham and Hartford counties.

Entered Valley Forge with 562 men assigned, 393 fit for duty

Left Valley Forge with the 7th Connecticut Regiment, 486 assigned, 551 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge as part of Lee’s Division.

Previous engagements: New York City 1777, Philadelphia-Monmouth


Colonel Prentice not at VF, resigned May 1778.

Field Officers

  • Colonel Josiah Starr
  • Major David Sill
  • Major Christopher Darrow

Company Commanders

  • Captain William Belcher
  • Captain Christopher Darrow
  • Captain James Aldridge
  • Captain Eliphalet Holmes
  • Captain William Richards
  • Captain John Shumway
  • Captain Benjamin Throop
  • Captain Christopher Ely

Regimental Staff

  • Chaplain John Ellis
  • Quartermaster Paul Percival
  • Adjutant Ezra Selden
  • Adjutant John Mix
  • Paymaster Rufus Abell
  • Surgeon Albigence Waldo
  • Surgeon’s Mate Samuel Brown
  • Quartermaster Sergeant William Tracy
  • Sergeant Major Roger Mannind
  • Sergeant Major Hezkh Buckingham
  • Drum Major Ephram Coy
  • Drum Major William Brown