4th Connecticut Regiment

Lee’s Division | Varnum’s Brigade | 4th Connecticut Regiment


Organized January 1777 at Norwich from New London, Windham, and Hartford Counties.

Entered Valley Forge with 515 assigned 272 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge with 333 assigned, 234 fit for duty.

Previous engagements: Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth

Field Officers

  • Colonel John Durkee
  • Lt. Colonel Giles Russell
  • Major John Summer

Company Commanders

  • Captain Abner Bacon
  • Captain Beriah Bill
  • Captain Andrew Fitch
  • Captain John Harmon
  • Captain Robert Wallam
  • Captain Elisha Lee
  • Captain Nathaniel Webb
  • Captain Robert Durkee
  • Captain John McGriegier
  • Captain Simon Spaulding

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster Andrew Wheatly
  • Adjutant Elchu Marvin
  • Paymaster William Adams
  • Surgeon Samuel Lee
  • Surgeon’s Mate Jonathan Knight
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Jedediah Hyde
  • Sergeant Major Diah Hartshorn
  • Drum Major Cooper Polegreen
  • Fife Major Peter Rogers