1st North Carolina Regiment

Lafayette’s Division | North Carolina Brigade | 1st North Carolina Regiment


Organized Fall 1776 at Salisbury and Wilmington, North Carolina.

Entered Valley Forge with 1412 men assigned and 905 fit for duty. This is the combined brigade.

Left Valley Forge in June 1778 with 658 assigned 310 fit for duty.

Previous engagements: Southern Highlands, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth

Field Officers

  • Colonel Thomas Clark
  • Lt. Colonel William Davis
  • Major John Walker
  • Major James Emmet

Company Commanders

  • Captain Tilghman Dixon
  • Captain Joshua Bowman
  • Captain James Read
  • Captain Howell Tatum
  • Captain John Brown
  • Captain Lawrence Thompson
  • Captain William Armstrong
  • Captain Robert Rolston
  • Captain John Summers

Regimental Staff

  • Chaplain Adam Boyd
  • Chaplain James Tate
  • Quartermaster Joseph Periam
  • Quartermaster William Womack
  • Adjutant Stephen Conger
  • Paymaster Richard Bradley
  • Surgeon Joseph Blyth
  • Surgeon Frederick Heimberg
  • Sergeant Major Joseph Conger
  • Drum Major Stephen Conger