2nd North Carolina Regiment

Lafayette’s Division | North Carolina Brigade | 2nd North Carolina Regiment


Organized Fall 1776 at Salisbury, Edenton and Newbern.

Entered Valley Forge brigade figures only.

Left Valley Forge with 659 men assigned, 309 fit for duty.

Previous engagements: Chesapeake Bay, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth

Field Officers

  • Colonel John Patton
  • Lt. Colonel Selby Harney
  • Major Hardy Murphy

Company Commanders

  • Captain John Armstrong
  • Captain William Jenner
  • Captain John Ingles
  • Captain Manlove Sarrant
  • Captain Benjamin Williams
  • Captain Charles Allen
  • Captain Robert Fenner
  • Captain James Martin
  • Captain Isaac Ralston
  • Captain Charles Rawford

Regimental Staff

  • Chaplain Adam Boyd
  • Quartermaster Stephen Slade